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Behold! The Grad Rat!

June 12, 2012

The Grad Rat arrived today!

For the benefit of the uninitiated reader, the undergraduate MIT class ring is called the Brass Rat. Brass for the brassy gold hue, rat for the MIT beaver mascot prominently displayed upon its bezel. The graduate version is called the Grad Rat.

The Rat is not merely a class ring. The Rat is the stuff of legends. Iron Man (Tony Stark) wears the Rat. You cannot do better than wearing the same class ring as Iron Man…

I ordered my Grad Rat in April while I was on campus for a weekend session. I had to deal with some serious loyalty issues, as I have worn my Carnegie Mellon class ring daily since my senior year of college, over 23 years now. With four Carnegie Mellon degrees, including my PhD, it just didn’t seem right to cast off CMU for MIT, so I opted for a small pinkie ring instead. The small pinkie ring, Rat-style, turned out to be the same  size as my Carnegie Mellon signet ring. Say what you like, but MIT ain’t shy.

One of my classmates told me that the Grad Rat brings with it a whole other level of confidence. She’s right. Putting that brass ring on your finger, with the all powerful MIT prominently stamped on the shank, imbues the wearer with feelings of mysterious, untold powers. It is as though the entirety of  the MIT brand had been compressed into a living, critical mass of omnipotent metal, pulsing with the desire to carry out my not so evil bidding.

Later this evening, after the kids go to bed, I’ll stand upon a great hill and free The Rat to cast lightning down upon fearful, disbelieving villagers, aka Wharton grads. I think Iron Man would approve.


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